Reciprocal Link Exchange Service

Reciprocal Link Exchange Service - How we do it ?

Over a period of time we have contacted thousands of web sites and have built up a database of sites that are interested in our Reciprocal Link Exchange Service. We will also continue to contact sites and add them to our reciprocal link exchange database. This task has taken us many months and a lot of skill to perfect our techniques.

When you contact us to conduct a campaign for your reciprocal links we look at the categories we already have and any that we don't. We will contact sites already in our reciprocal links database and then research and contact other web site owners to see if they would be interested in reciprocal link exchanges now and also in the future.

We will then select sites to contact on your behalf to confirm that they would be interested in exchanging links with your site. All sites have already been pre-qualified that they are interested in reciprocal links. Only sites that fit your theme will be contacted for a reciprocal link exchange.

We will then prepare the HTML code that should be pasted into your links page. We recommend that your links page has the same look and feel as the other pages in your site and uses the same link structure as the rest of your site. A links page should ideally contain no more than 75-100 links. Each reciprocal links page should have the ability to link to any other page within your site and be linked to and from those pages. Please do not call your links page links or link partners, resources has so much more impact. Also we like that the links pages are linked from your home page and all other main pages within the site. Please do not link you r reciprocal link pages in a chain, so that page 1 links to page 2 to page 3 and so on. This does not have the desired effect and we will endeavor to educate all of our linking partners as to the best way to link their pages.

For the PR to be carried forward through all of your reciprocal links pages, it is vital that this structure is followed. We also have some do's and don'ts so please take a look at our Reciprocal Link Exchange Do's and Don'ts page. By following some of the simple points made here we can help to make your link exchange campaign more successful for you. We will discuss with you the anchor text that you require on the link partners pages to ensure the maximum impact on your site in the search engines.

Remember, reciprocal link exchanges can take up to 60 days to get the total number and it may also take 2-3 months for the major search engines to pick them up. Therefore we could be talking about 3-6 months before the total impact of such a campaign is seen in the search engines. Also a reciprocal link campaign without keyword optimization on the site itself may not have the impact that it could have.