Reciprocal Link Exchange Service

Reciprocal Link Exchange - Do's and Don'ts

Here we will try and explain some of the key do's and don'ts about Reciprocal Link Exchange.


Do make your link pages look like the rest of your site. They should be an integral part of the site and carry on the whole shape and feel of the site. Keep the links to your site in and allow the users and search engines to return from them using the same link structure as the rest of your site.

Do link with relevant themed partners, 10 good themed links may be as valuable as 20 non themed links maybe even more.

Do refuse links if you feel they will move away from the theme of your site. Don't be afraid to say no.

Do monitor that your Reciprocal Link Partners keep up their end of the deal and keep the link active on their site. If your link is removed email them and at least give them a chance to put the link back.

If you can get links, that do not require you to link back, by all means do, but remember keep it themed.

Do use a service like ours, also try and keep adding new links. Search engines like fresh material and it will also help with sites that do disappear from the web.



If you own several sites all hosted on the same server, don't link them all up to each other in their own little web. The search engines are not silly, they check the IP and know that they all come from the same place.

Don't name your link pages link, links or link partners. They are meant to be an integral part of the site, use the name useful-resources, or useful-information or something that makes everyone feel they are a useful addition to the site.

Don't just link to one link page form the home page and then daisy chain on the others, the further down the daisy chain you go the less relevant the page is and the lower the PR. Give your link partners a chance with good link structure for your site and link pages alike, if possible link all link pages off of all pages of your site.

Don't make your link pages look like lists of web sites.

Don't just remove a Reciprocal Link Partner from your pages. It is Link Exchange etiquette to notify a partner if you are about to remove them for any reason.