Reciprocal Link Exchange Service

Reciprocal Link Exchange Service - What is it ?

Our Reciprocal Link Exchange Service is designed to improve the ranking of a Web Site by linking it with other web sites that have the same theme, this will improve traffic by improving the sites PR (Page Rank) and also promoting the site within other sites useful links areas. 

Many search engines now work on the philosophy that the more sites that you have linking to you, within the same theme, the more important your site is within that theme (Keywords).

However, in the past sites would just merrily exchange reciprocal links believing that this would improve their PR and thus improve their positions in the search engines, this is no longer the case. search engines now look for relevance in the exchange, so Real Estate sites exchanging links with irrelevant sites, does not have the impact, that two real estate sites, or a real estate site and a mortgage site would have.

Thus it is now important to have reciprocal links exchanged between sites that have relevance and importance to each other. Linking with other sites will of course bring some traffic to your site, but on the whole it is more important from a search engine point of view.

Also making sure that you use the correct anchor text and a good description when exchanging links is of the utmost importance, your keywords must be in the reciprocal link anchor text, to ensure that the search engines see your keywords and give them the relevance you need for better placement.

There are correct ways to do it once you have your links exchanged and incorrect ways to do it. Take a look at our Reciprocal Link Exchange Do's and Don'ts, to find out how you can best make use of the Reciprocal Links that we can provide you with, and make sure that you abide by the Link Exchange etiquette. There are ways to maximize the distribution of PR and ways to make it a long winded task that achieves nothing.

It some cases it is possible to purchase links from high PR sites that have relevance to you. In these cases you are not expected to exchange links, but the site posting your link will charge a monthly fee via an agent like ourselves. These links can cost from $50 to $5000 per month depending on the PR of the site and the type of them the site has. This can be a quick way to gain PR for sites that need a fast track in a competitive field.

Reciprocal Link Exchange can drastically improve your PR and search engine position over a period of time if used correctly. Used incorrectly reciprocal link exchange can be nothing more than a long winded task that achieves nothing. with our assistance and guidance your link exchange campaign can help to make your site a winner. Building a good set of reciprocal link exchange partners can be a long task which is why our service is competitively priced, link with 100 partners brings the price down to less than six bucks a link.

Do you have a site with a high PR ?

If you have a relevant site with good PR, we have clients waiting for links.

Depending on the type of site and the PR you have we may be able to broker a deal for you. Contact Us to discuss your details.